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My insight to the Spiritual World has made people laugh, cry and feel whole again, valuing the information communicated through both Psychic Connections and their loved ones who have passed.
I’m Nicole
I’m a mother to my son, wife to my husband, daughter, sister, in law, friend, fur mum to five cats and one dog, delivery driver and more. I’m just an everyday person who also loves her professional passion, being a Psychic Medium.

My journey into discovering my Gift started with Seeing things in my minds eye, followed by Seeing it happen in the real world. As I woke up to it I decided to start Saying what I saw to a friend and then both of us Seeing it happen in real life. Along my path, in 2008, I came across a local Spiritual Centre, joined their development group and continued to awaken to my senses.

Having helped countless amounts of clients over the years to connect to the Spiritual World through my Psychic and Mediumship Abilities, I’ve found that the greatest lesson that I’ve learnt is in listening and trusting in Guides and Angels, as they connect us together during your Reading so that I can give you their messages, for your highest good.

Before any Reading I do not predict what will happen during your session with me, and I tell you everything that I'm being told ~ be it happy, sad or any other emotion as that's my job, and it's your Reading.
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