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    "Change your mind & you change your life" International Psychic/Spiritual Counselor/Physical Medium/Remote Viewer/Angelic Healer/Past Healer helping with past/current/future, love life, marriage, family, friends, money, career, spirituality.
    Hola! Let me tell you a little about me! I activated and redeveloped my gifts after massive grief! I lost my Mother, my husband's Grandparents that I Loved deeply, then after 14 years with my Husband I lost him only 4 months after he became ill. Then my Brother was found passed away. So I was completely overwhelmed with grief. I had to push myself out of that black pit that grief puts us in & after much studying & self discovery I am able to do so many wonderful things to help others. During this process I was able to reflect & see that these were gifts I had been using all the time. That those were real spirits I had been seeing all my life! Through this growth I was able to enhance them to a higher level. I really & truly know what it feels like to be in your position wanting answers and connection so desperately. This is why I am here & why I do what I do!

    I operate from a place of love & acceptance! It isn't always easy, but it can be done! Once we figure out that love is the highest energy & words are worth more than and currency, then anything of light is possible!

    It would be a honor to be a part of your journey, whether it is straight channeling to a lost love one, reading cards, asking pendulum questions, healing the past w/my remote viewing, perform Angelic Healing, or connecting to your spirit guides in guiding you to self discovery. Life purpose is all we have. To know our meaning in life we need to know our gifts, once we know this then our purpose is to give it away in love! Whatever it is that you are searching for it would be my honor & privilege to help you find it! I look forward to connecting with you!
    Be Blessed!
    The Unique Tonya Le
    Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot Cards, Spiritual Guide, Angel Communication
    Intimacy Guidance, Life Coach, Love & Relationships