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    Psychic, Tarot readings , and spell castor
    Tarot readings psychic abilities, Love and Prosperity Spells:
    Hi My name Is Madame moon. I use the oracle deck for Tarot readings, But I also work with the Green witch deck. so feel free to choose which deck you
    prefer, But bare in mind the green witch is harder to understand the meanings and connect into your life. so if your a first timmer please choose the
    Oracle deck.
    LOVE SPELLS; These are simple spells thats most commonly asked for and are simple to preform. All spells should be formed in good intention and
    positive mind set. Always remember Love majick is very strong. It is because love between people can produce strong emotions, and energies. Remember when you practice majick. you have to take responsibilitiy, for what you want and what you do. Always be aware of what you wish upon others will come back to you stronger than what you put out x3 is what I always say.
    you will need pure salt, or holy water and a pink candle pink candles represent love.
    then you will create a list of your desires in a partner. Keep it short ask only for 10 or less, We cannot expect our Deities to answer a long list of wants. So keep it simple. And remember I will be with you the entire way walking you through each step for your best results. we can get very in depth but for now we will keep it simple. And remember everything is done in 3's. and never preform the same spell before 3 months has past. Remember we are sending our intentions and energies out to the earth and cosmos so it needs time to come back to you Be Paitent. All good intentions are rewarded. Also when creating and preforming spells. Remember Karma ask yourself is this going to harm others or me. are your thoughts pure of heart. Because what you do put out you will Reap so always be aware of your intentions. You can book me for the best time that fits you. And I will be happy to share my knowledge with you. I have 30 minute slots you can book me for as long as you wish,
    PROSPERITY SPELLS; is for money and sucsess. You will need
    1 gold candle 1 dark green candle
    onrange oil
    Patchouli oil
    Again this spell can be cast with several other materials and chants as most all spells. I always keep cedar oil cinamon and candles on hand for this spell
    and silver coins. this spell can also be preformed in a caldron. we always cast a spiritual circle. But lets keep it simple. I will be live with you every step of the way. Teaching you the fundementals and how to preform these spells on your own. you always want to cast your own spell put your intentions out in the world. Keep in mind these are only 2 spells I can teach you to preform any desired spell
    Blessed be
    LOVE SPELL Readings are very delicate. Both the practitioner and the client must know that there are consequences in dealing with such things as love spells. Releasing a love spell does not necessarily mean that you are going to achieve love with the intended person - but you will attain love.

    We cannot control the other partner but we can control our own Universe. When doing Readings that include love spells it's all about the participant and their beliefs. It takes time - between 3 cycles of the full moon for spell to work in most cases.

    LOVE SPELLS reach far back into our past and have their roots in rituals that are primal and instinctive - drawing on elements like fire, water, smell and touch. At it’s heart, a LOVE SPELL is about ‘opening’ or ‘returning’ to that true essence of love within one’s energy field. This reconnects us to love in its purest form - allowing that energy to attract another’s and ultimately creating a sacred union.
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