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    I am a Native American Shaman, I was born into m gifts and enjoy aiding people on their journey through their spirituality and life lessons. Because I walk the path of a shaman I have many gifts and have went through lessons of my own,
    Being who I am as a Shaman I have gifts that include the ability to read others by vision and I do work with tarot cards, oracle cards and lenormand cards, pendulums and much more. I also have the ability to do spiritual journeying, where I walk beside you and retrieve those things that you are to know about your path and much more. I love when I am able to toggle between the realms to provide messages for people, from their loved ones, Mediumship/ Channeling. I also work with interpreting dreams and the meanings of them for your life. One of my other passions is to work with your energy to aid in healing your mind, body and soul issues with reiki, as I am a Reiki Master. I also love to work with herbs and the study of all types of herbs. Everything I do is to better aid you on your journey or path, join me as we walk together on this path we call life.
    Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot Cards, Spiritual Guide, Angel Communication, Dream Interpretation
    Career, Family & Home, Love & Relationships